Law of Life

Our Service is dedicated for the preservation and action of the Ascended Master Matrix of Freedom. We Promote a Universal Family of Elementals, Angels and All Life for "IN UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH". Our Dedication and Purpose is in the Upliftment of our Planet and All her Evolutions through Divine Love."LOVE IS STILL THE WAY"

Our Scope:

Individual Unfoldment:

  • (a) Explanation and practical application of the Laws governing Health, Opulence, Peace and Enlightenment.
  • (b) Purification of the lifestream through the understanding and use of the Sacred Fire and controlled, creative consciousness.
  • (c) Daily contemplation and decrees to free the individual from limitations and distress.
  • (d) A Guidance Bureau, a free service to all our readers who may desire advice on personal problems or instruction on Spiritual Law.
  • (e) The Healing Presence of God, a cooperative group who offer you the strength of their combined prayers, faith and visualizations to help you accept the Power of God to heal, prosper, harmonize and bless.

Contact with the Great White Brotherhood:

  • (a) Unpublished Teachings of The Masters of Wisdom and Love.
  • (b) Visits in consciousness to the Retreats of The Masters and information about Their current activities.
  • (c) Pictures of The Masters.
  • (d) Stepping Stones to Self Mastery.
  • (e) Wings of Light.

Co-operative World Service:

  • (a) Active application of the Teachings of The Great White Brotherhood to the solution of the age-old individual, national and world problems such as ignorance, sickness, poverty and war.
  • (b) Directed, co-operative, synchronized world prayers, affirmations, visualizations to eradicate the evils of the day, particularly communistic and atheistic doctrines, and current crises as they arise, and to accelerate the Incoming New Age of World Peace and World Enlightenment that we shall witness in this generation.
  • (c) Establishment of groups of spiritually minded men and women in every country of the world to act as outposts for the Radiation and Love of The Ascended Masters.
  • (d) A Reader's Forum to unite world thought, aspirations and endeavors.
  • (e) Dissemination of the Laws of Life in foreign languages so that the good people of all nations may participate in the above program.
  • In accordance with the individual freedom of conscience which is the birthright of every man, woman and child, Loving Co-operation in Any of The Above Activities Does Not Demand The Relinquishment of Anyone's Present Affiliations.